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Feb 12, 2020

Today on the podcast we have Nora Matthew who is an absolute bad ass boss. StrongFirst Level 2, American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, Original Strength Coach, founder of Pregna-Fit and Her Strength Studio and mom of three, Nora knows a thing or two about fitness and athleticism for women. Today we chat about our experiences training after babies despite prolapse, and Nora shares some pretty incredible insights on fitness for women, how her training philosophy is DIFFERENT than most studios for the ladies, the staggering results her clients get from learning to nourish their bodies and what to look for in your own gym and fitness programming. Tune in because you do NOT want to miss out on the information, inspiration and encouragement in this episode. For more from Nora, head to her_strength_studio on Instagram or Pregnancy_Fitness or Her Strength  

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