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May 13, 2020

Today we in for such a treat because we are joined by Vera Fabian of Ten Mothers Farm in Cedar Grove, North Carolina! Vera takes time out of her busy day of running her farm with husband Gordon and their friend Luke to chat with us about SO many aspects of nutritious food production. From soil health, to shelf life, nutrient content and the truth about food labels, Vera is sharing some super helpful info and tips for slowly transitioning to a simple whole foods diet comprised of locally sourced items! Once a week I take a vacation to Ten Mothers Farm by visiting their impressive Instagram account and scrolling through the lovely pics. I highly recommend you take a look too! AND if you're in the Chapel Hill, Hillsborough or Durham area, join their CSA! If there was ever a time to invest in locally produced and reliably nutritious food and avoid the crowded grocery stores, it's now my friends!