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Feb 20, 2019

Luke and Sarah tackle motivation in fitness today, but FIRST, enjoy some banter about babies, marriage, and Valentine's Day.

Motivation is a TRICKY topic and Luke and Sarah talk about it from MANY different directions today.

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Feb 15, 2019

Luke and Sarah continue their fat loss and strength conversation from Episode 9 today and are focusing on kettlebell exercises for fat loss!

Body image chat, motivation and fitness geek out sessions to be expected here. 

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Feb 14, 2019

Today Luke and Sarah chat about the merits of strength training vs. fat loss-focused workouts and share their THREE favorite kettlebell movements for building strength!


Check out Luke's calisthenic strength circuit here 

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Feb 3, 2019

Luke and Sarah chat about various popular diets, their personal approaches to nutrition, the importance of protein intake and gut health. 
Tune in to hear how much protein you should be eating and where to get it; what popular gut health supplements are good for you and all about probiotics. 


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