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Jun 30, 2020

There's nothing off the table in this episode I did with Aleks Salkin. Aleks is a brilliant strength coach and movement specialist that is chatting with my today about ALL the things. We talk about learning languages, our relationships to physical exercise, diet fads like that Vegan and Carnivore Diets, foam rolling and...

Jun 25, 2020

Today's episode is a completely new take on the self care movement and it's not going to make you feel guilty for not doing enough nor overly indulgent for investing in yourself! Come listen to expert implementer, Laura Meeks and her new perspective on how to cultivate joy and curiosity and let THAT be your self care...

Jun 18, 2020

This 30 minute episode is JAM PACKED with thoughts and recommendations on honoring God with our bodies while feeling confident, healthy and joyful. Come hang out with me on Instagram and take my FREE breathing course, 

Jun 2, 2020

This is a podcast that addresses strength in ALL the forms, and this week we are talking about spiritual strength. Where we get it, why we need it and how we grow it.
If you're a fellow Believer, grab a pen and paper because I have some AWESOME verses for you! If you are NOT a Believer, you are so welcome here for ALL...