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May 11, 2022

Do we know what it looks like to be "strong" women or is our only cultural context for strength masculine in nature? Tune in to hear Sarah introduce the concept of "feminine strength" vs. the masculine version and why women may want to consdier creating their own strong spaces and explore new measures for being strong...

May 7, 2022

Chatting today about upcoming adventures in my own personal life and also about how we can learn to structure our lives for more contentment and self care in motherhood! For more from Sarah, head to

Nov 19, 2020

Today's episode is on FIRE! Krystle Miller of The Armed Muva (find her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, is sharing her firearm journey. This mom of three decided that she didn't want to just rely on others to keep her and her family safe during this intense time in the US, so she took action. She purchased a firearm,...

Jun 4, 2019

Today we talk about what you can do to protect yourself, practice respect for oneself and others and practical actions you can take to be SAFE with Jaimie Lee, a certified Krav Maga instructor.
She also talks about using Krav Maga as a path towards healing and empowerment after experiencing trauma, what kids can do to...