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Nov 7, 2019

Today our guest is Coach Luke Atchley! of Virtue Strength and Conditioning in Baton Rouge, LA. 
Luke is an accomplished coach and gym owner that has spent 15 years in the fitness industry. He's also a new dad that is balancing his fitness/selfcare practice with #dadlife with the demands of owning a business.
In this episode Luke talks about the toxic messages and programs found in the fitness industry, ESPECIALLY as the New Year approaches. Come learn about fads and gimmicks that will leave you injured and burnt out come March and find out what to do instead.

Luke also shares how his faith impacts his personal mission in his business.
This episode is PACKED with LOTS of amazing info and perspective.

For more from Luke, head to @coachluke on Instagram or @virtuestrength as well as VirtueBR.

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